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The Rochester Sentinel is a home-owned daily newspaper whose reason for existence is the same today as it was at its 1858 founding: To be interested in and concerned about the people and the affairs of Rochester and Fulton County.

The Sentinel's daily task is to cover the news as fairly, impartially and objectively as possible. But it also strives to provide support, encouragement and leadership in all matters that will improve the progress and quality of life in city and county.

Today, The Sentinel remains firmly among a diminishing number of independent dailies; those not absorbed into large, chain-operated newspaper concerns.

Jack K. Overmyer, the late owner and president of The Sentinel Corp., began his association with the paper as a Rochester High School student, went on to Indiana University and then spent six years with The Indianapolis Star. He returned to Rochester in 1952 and spent the rest of his life devoted to The Sentinel, Rochester and Fulton County. He died May 21, 2010, three days after his final Considered Comment column was published.

A second generation of the Overmyer family has management responsibilities. Sarah Overmyer Wilson and husband W.S. (Bill) Wilson have been in charge of the newspaper's operations since 1982. She is publisher and he is editor.

Both Wilsons are Indiana University graduates, both worked in journalism in Alaska before moving to Missouri where W.S. Wilson was a staff writer for The Kansas City Star. He was a member of a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting team while serving with that paper.

The Sentinel publishes Monday through Saturday mornings. Publication is every day except Sunday and 10 federal holidays. Delivery is by the U.S. Postal Service. The Sentinel has been a daily publication since 1896 and now has nearly 4,000 subscribers in and around Rochester and the county towns of Akron, Fulton, Kewanna and Leiters Ford, as well as Indiana and the rest of the nation.

Always striving to present its readers with the best possible printed product, The Sentinel is constantly updating its composition and printing methods to the industry's latest developments. This website, which was launched in April 1997, is a source of pride to the staff. We welcome your comments.


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