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Sentinel editor W.S. Wilson leaves for Mosul, Iraq, today, where he will be an embedded reporter with the 113th Engineers of the Indiana National Guard.

Although connections are somewhat uncertain, Wilson plans to file regular reports and photos from Mosul for our readers.

The 113th Engineers are based in northern Indiana, where most of them live.

Wilson flies out of Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany, tonight. He is scheduled to arrive in Kuwait at 7:30 p.m. (Kuwait time, which is 8 hours ahead of Rochester) Thursday and take a military transport to Mosul on Saturday. The plan is to spend two to three weeks with the 113th and return to Rochester in mid-June.

Sentinel News Editor Christina Seiler will be in charge of the newsroom during his absence. Her telephone number is 224-5327. Her e-mail is christinas@rochsent.com.

Wilson expects to have regular e-mail contact at wsw@rochsent.com. He would like to hear from Sentinel readers.

Published May 18, 2005